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Voice Talent

Below you will find some sample recordings of our books. Each book we publish is a reflection of the many years of artistic experience and talent of the recording and producing staff. Click on any of the genres below to hear the sample, which is in MP3 format.

Non Fiction: Sputnik: The Shock of the Century is the amazing book chronicling one of the most significant events in world history: the launching of the first ever Earth satellite into space by the Russians on October 4, 1957. Written by Paul Dickson, who has published over 50 titles traditionally, and whom you may have heard on radio and TV. This title is the basis for the forthcoming movie, Sputnik Mania to be released January of 2008.

Children's: This is a segment of a wonderful children's book, The Furrtails by Shandi Finnessy, who is Miss USA 2005 and co-host with Chuck Woolery of the TV game show, Lingo.

Fiction (male-oriented): This is an excerpt from a fiction novel, Death Point, published by Best Selling author Dr Marshall Goldberg. 

Fiction (female oriented, female narrator: This is a segment of the amazingly well-written book, Rainy Day People by Susan C. Haley. The narrator, Sonya Lonzener provides a tremendous performance that brings this personal and romantic story to life. 

Business/How-To: This is an excerpt from a book called, Learning to Avoid Unintended Consequences by Len Renier, who travels around the country giving seminars and lectures on eliminating losing financial strategies in conjunction with his lucrative consulting business, Wealth & Wisdom.

In order to listen to these sound recordings, your computer will require a sound card, speakers, and software that allows you to play back mp3 files.


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