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Here are some of the things
that our authors
have been saying
upon hearing their book for the first time


"I just wanted to let you know that both the cover and the recording of Haunted Fort Niagara exceeded my expectations. Thanks again for a wonderful job."

Robert Hilson
Haunted Forts and Battlefields of Niagara
Haunted Fort Niagara

"Received the audio book today and have already heard it. I'm very pleased, you guys did an awesome job. It was strange hearing my words read back to me, but for an unknown writer like me, it was a moving experience. Please thank Jim on my behalf, and from one Voice-Over guy to another, I extend my total respect for his talent."

Alex Teixeira
Someone Somewhere, Some Other Time

"Blessings to you today Dave.  I just wanted you to know that I received the Audio Book yesterday, and all I can say is WOW!!!!!!!  It is incredible!!!  You did a fabulous, incredible job!  I even had a few friends over to listen to the reading and they couldn't believe your talent and the production of it.  WOW. I am so excited!" 
Judy Azar LeBlanc
Many Faces to Many Places


"Just a few short months ago my book Give Me Back My Credit! was published and I began to contemplate converting my book into an audio version knowing that the demand for audio products is a rapidly growing market. Because I had the normal reservations and uncertainties of taking on a second project of this type, I had a boatload of questions and concerns that needed answering.  You and your staff freely and willingly answered my countless questions with personal attention, professionalism and enthusiasm throughout the entire process.  Your guidance and dedication is second only to your impressive reliability and technical skills, which all combined, allowed me to sail through this project effortlessly and provided me with a superior product that I am thrilled with.  I highly recommend that any author who may be contemplating converting their book into a quality audio book, turn to the dedicated and knowledgeable staff of Spoken Books Publishing."

Denise Richardson, author
Give Me Back My Credit!

I am the author of "Rainy Day People" and I don't know if I'm allowed to post a review or not, but I must try. I just want to laud Dave Giorgio and Spoken Books Publishing for the incredible job they did in engineering and mastering a 387 page novel. Not one word was left out. Sonja, the reader was an absolute professional and I must admit, I initially worried about that. The story is wrought with emotion and it would require special attention to capture it. Sonja, not only captured it, she brought the 'story' to life! I almost forget that I wrote it when listening to her. I wish to thank, Dave, who produced and directed, Sonja, and Dave Mac, the sound engineer, who all three literally brought my life back to life. Thank you, Susan  

Susan C. Haley
Rainy Day People


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