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Submission Policy for published, unpublished, and self-published titles

We are interested in hearing from you about your book. We are looking for great titles that are well-written and on good subjects. You must own all your book rights and be able to provide us with either 4 copies of the printed book or a digital file of the book.

The One-time cost of Setup:

We charge a one-time set up fee for the recording and publishing of your book in audio format. This includes the narrator, the studio time, the engineers and directors, all of the audio editing, and mastering of your book onto CD format (including implementation of a full color cover). It also includes placing the book in our system whereby your audio book will be manufactured, distributed and sold; earning you royalty payments on all sales of books.

We can also publish a printed version for only $199 extra. For a full description of our services included in the submission fee, please visit our services page. The total setup cost is determined by the word count of your book.

We would be happy to provide a price quote for creating the perfect audio book for you. To receive a price quote, please contact us with the following information: Title, Word count, Topic, and your Contact info:

If your book is in your computer, your word processing program (such as Microsoft Word) can easily tell you the word count of your book. For example, in ms-word, choose the pull down menu called "Tools" and then select "Word Count." See the tables below to determine the one-time setup fee for your audio book.
If you prefer to request a price quote via the mail, our address is:

Spoken Books Publishing
New Title
1094 New Dehaven St, Suite 100
West Conshohocken, PA 19428

We look forward to reading your book!



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