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Audio Book Recording Services (included in our one-time setup fee)

Script Preparation: Once accepted, we will study your book and our director and narrator will prepare for the recording sessions.

Your audio book will be recorded with a professional narrator in a state of the art studio and be directed by a professional director.

Extensive editing and proofing of the audio will be performed in order to ensure its sonic and artistic integrity.

The audio book will be professionally mastered, bringing the material up to and exceeding industry standards and compiled onto CD(s).

The audio book will be proofed to ensure its quality.

We will provide cover artwork design and implementation by our award winning graphics department.

We will ship you a complete and final audio master proof book for your inspection.

We will manufacture the audio book on CD using a full jewel box with full color front and back cover inserts.

Distribution and web sales: we will make the audio book available at retailers such as and for the CD version, and and Apple's iTunes Store for the downloadable version.

An ISBN will be assigned to the book and it will be submitted into the Books In Print database.

We will sell copies of the book direct to the public and also to stores and distributors and pay you a generous royalty on the sale of every audio book sold.

You may purchase copies of your audio book with a 50% discount.

Free shipping on quantities of 20 or more.

You will keep your book rights.

The above are all included in our one-time setup fee, found on our submissions page. You earn royalties on every audio book sold.

Our fanatical attention to detail is included, no extra charge!

Optional services - (not included in our one-time setup fee):

$199 Printed book publishing: Publish with Spoken Books Publishing and your book can also be published beautifully in trade paperback form. Email us for more information!

$125 Marketing package: Get  2 free copies of your audio book, 50 postcards, 100 business cards, 25 bookmarks, and two highly acclaimed marketing books: Dan Poynter's The Self Publishing Manual ($19.95 value) and John Kremer's 1001 Ways to Market Your Book ($27.95 value). Larger packages described on our marketing page. .

$599 per 10,000 words: Abridgment

$250 One hour phone conference with a professional publicist.

$250 - $500 Press release creation and distribution to the media. Several services are available starting with the creation of the release to all-out distribution to the media.

$25 Review copy of the audio book sent to a reviewer.

$200 MP3 CD - Once your book is recorded (as per our one-time setup fee) an mp3-cd version of the book can be created and published with its own unique ISBN number; also sold at and The unit price can be lower than the audio CD version; as an mp3 cd holds 10 times the amount of audio. Therefore, a 6 CD audio book that might retail for $24.95 will be able to have a list price as low as $11.95.




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Audio Book Segment:
the fastest growing in
the book publishing
industry, with over a billion
dollars in sales annually

Over 40 million audio books were sold last year

Millions of avid listeners
enjoy listening to books in
their car, while traveling,
and at work. You can
reach this audience.

Many people with vision
have been able
to discover books again for
the first time in years.

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