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On each audio book that is sold, you earn a percentage of the sale (commonly referred to as a royalty). These royalties represent revenue generated for you and the actual royalty amount paid will depend on the list price of the book, and where it is purchased.

We set a minimum list price that your book can be priced at based on its length. Setting your book's list price at our minimum is ideal if you would like it to be priced as competitively as possible (for example, a 1CD audio book's minimum list price will be $9.95).

If you go ahead and decide to set your audio book's list price at the minimum list price, then the royalties are as follows:

30% paid to you when we sell the book directly to consumers at full price.

15% paid to you when we sell the book to stores or distributors at a discount.

50% paid to you on the monies we receive for downloadable audio book sales.

All royalties are based on the amount we receive for the sale.

The above percentages are miles ahead of other publishers, who traditionally pay between 8% and 12% to authors.

Bonus Royalties

We have an excellent program that allows you to greatly increase your royalty percentages called, the Bonus Royalty Program.

All you have to do is set the list price of your book higher than the minimum list price.

For example: If your book is a 1CD audio book, the minimum list price would normally be $9.95. However, let's say you have chosen to set the list price higher, for example, at $19.95. You have increased the list price by ten dollars.

Each time the audio book is sold at full price by us, you would earn 30% of $9.95 PLUS an additional 75% of the extra 10 dollars you added to the list price. This would be a total of $10.50 paid to you on each sale. In other words, your royalty on these sales would be a whopping 52%.

This kind of earning potential is not miles, but light years ahead of traditional royalty percentages of 8-12%.

Using this same example, when the audio book is sold at a 40% discount, such as to stores or when sold in quantity, you would earn $5.39 per sale, or a royalty percentage of 45%.

This system provides a tremendous amount of freedom that allows authors to set their own royalty percentage while determining how much they would like to earn on sales of their book. The only caveat is not to set the list price too high because you don't want to discourage purchasers. Fortunately, our minimum list prices are set low enough that you can easily compete, even when setting the list price a little higher.

No other publisher in the world offers such earning potential. No other publisher offers these kinds of royalty percentages while allowing authors the freedom to choose how their book will be priced when sold.  

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We look forward to reading your book!

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