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One Time Setup Cost

We charge a one time setup cost that includes script preparation, the narrator, the recording, audio editing, proofing, mastering, and publishing and distribution.

We would be happy to provide a price quote for creating the perfect audio book for you. To receive a quote, please contact us with the following information: Title, Word count, Topic, and your Contact info:

Book Pricing:

The table below indicates the minimum price your audio book will sell for based on cd count. You can elect to set the price higher if your book warrants it. You will be paid royalties on all sales of your book.


Maximum Word Count <11,000 <22,000 <33,000 <44,000 <55,000 <66,000 <77,000 <88,000
CDs per audiobook 1 CD 2 CD 3 CD 4 CD 5 CD 6 CD 7 CD 8 CD
Minimum list price 9.95 12.95 15.95 17.95 19.95 21.95 24.95 27.95


Maximum Word Count <99,000 <110,000 <121,000 <132,000 <143,000 154,000 165,000
CDs per audiobook 9 CD 10 CD 11 CD 12 CD 13 CD 14 CD 15 CD
Minimum list price 29.95 31.95 33.95 35.95 37.95 39.95 41.95

Determining the word count is easy, as there is a feature in your word processing program that will provide you with the document's "statistics." For example, in Microsoft Word, just pull down the Tools menu and choose Word Count. Note that if you choose to set your audio book's list price higher than those above, you might sell fewer audio books, though your royalty percentages will be greatly increased.

All sales of the audio books earn you, the author, a portion of the sale. These royalties are paid monthly and are accompanied by a sales statement. Click here to be directed to our detailed royalties page, which provides information on how much you will earn on audio books sold.



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