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Audio Book Publishing: Our Mission Statement

Spoken Books Publishing was founded with the goal of publishing great books in audio format. The current state of the publishing industry is that audio versions of books are only for the top sellers of the top publishers. This is certainly logical, as the cost of doing an audio book professionally makes it hard for every title in a publisher's catalog to be released in audio format. But we feel that lesser known authors of great books can also capitalize on this extremely lucrative industry segment.

We have gone to every possible length to make sure that the product we ship and sell to stores and consumers is comparable or better than anything else on the market. There is no book publisher in the world with the same fanatical commitment to producing excellent books. We don't publish a lot of books. Only those that really get our attention. Is your book well written; does it have appeal? Will your book be among the next books we publish? The only way to know is to send it in for review. You will get honest feedback about your book.

By providing a turn-key solution, authors are able to sit back and relax while we do the heavy lifting. From script preparation, to many hours of recording with a narrator and director, to audio editing, to mastering, to publishing, distribution and marketing; we do it all for a lot less than than you'd spend doing it yourself and with a higher quality than can be attained via any other means.

If your book is ready for prime time and would make a good listen, we invite you to check out our submissions page and submit your book for review. There is no obligation. All of us at Spoken Books Publishing would like to thank for your time. We look forward to hearing your book in print!



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Our mission statement

Did you know?

Audio Book Segment:
the fastest growing in
the book publishing
industry, with over a billion
dollars in sales annually

Over 40 million audio books were sold last year

Millions of avid listeners
enjoy listening to books in
their car, while traveling,
and at work. You can
reach this audience.

Many people with vision
have been able
to discover books again for
the first time in years.

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