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Audio Book Recording and Production For Publishers:

You already know which of your titles are the most productive. Yet, if you aren't providing consumers with an audio book version, then you are only seeing half the picture. The audio book recording and production of your titles is the key ingredient to success in this industry segment.

We have an alliance with AudioBrite, one of the most quality conscious and artistically sound providers of recorded audio. If you would like information on audio book recording or production, click here, and your email will be sent directly to someone who can provide you with a quote on turning any printed work into a stunning audio version. Simply provide your contact info and the word count of your book.

There are millions of people each day listening to audio books. In the car, on the train, at the gym, etc. You can reach this audience and generate revenue that had previously gone unrealized!




Did you know?

Audio Book Segment:
the fastest growing in
the book publishing
industry, with over a billion
dollars in sales annually

Over 40 million audio books were sold last year

Millions of avid listeners
enjoy listening to books in
their car, while traveling,
and at work. You can
reach this audience.

Many people with vision
have been able
to discover books again for
the first time in years.

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