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Audio Book Publishing For Authors:

Get published now. Your book can be published as an audio book. You don't need for your book to be published by Time-Warner, Simon & Schuster, or Random House to have the finest audio book possible. We offer a self-publishing service for audio books that provides everything you need to successfully reach your target audience; while allowing you to keep your book rights.

Our full range of services is a complete solution. Not only will we create a stellar audio recording of your book, we will take care of the sales and distribution while paying you a royalty on every audio book sold. Each month you will receive a sales report and a check for earnings due over $20. Your audio book will be sold where audio books are purchased:

On CD:,

As a downloadable audio book:, Apple's iTunes Store

Our audio books are able to be purchased at these prestigious and productive retailers because of the outstanding quality of the narrators, production quality, and  overall quality of our titles.

You may send us your book for review by visiting our submissions page. If your book is accepted, you too can join the ranks of authors whose audio books are being listened to on the train, in the car, at the gym, etc...


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Did you know?

Audio Book Segment:
the fastest growing in
the book publishing
industry, with over a billion
dollars in sales annually

Over 40 million audio books were sold last year

Millions of avid listeners
enjoy listening to books in
their car, while traveling,
and at work. You can
reach this audience.

Many people with vision
have been able
to discover books again for
the first time in years.

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