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Spoken Books Publishing
is a publisher of the finest quality audio books. Our commitment to artistic and technical integrity ensures that your audio book will be truly world class. We provide everything including: script preparation, recording, audio editing, mastering, publishing, book marketing and distribution. You get to keep your rights and earn revenues by way of the highest royalty percentages paid in the industry.

Ridden on a train lately? Do you see people everywhere with their iPods and headphones? Whether at the gym, in the car, on the bus, or traveling abroad, people are enjoying audio books; which have become the top choice for on-the-go entertainment.

Reach! We publish books in audio CD format, and also as downloadable books through Audible and Apple's iTunes store.

Words come alive! Characters in a fiction book become real; a how-to book's content becomes tangible; and the impact of a non-fiction book becomes palpable. Poetry blossoms, and children's books capture a young person's heart and mind. Your books have a whole new audience waiting for an experience that only an expertly crafted audio book can provide.

Unpublished and self published authors: we want to see your books. Please visit our Submissions page.

Publishers: You can reach a much larger audience. Contact us to see how your printed books can be converted to audio book format.

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Did you know?

Audio Book Segment:
the fastest growing in
the book publishing
industry, with over a billion
dollars in sales annually

Over 40 million audio books were sold last year

Millions of avid listeners
enjoy listening to books in
their car, while traveling,
and at work. You can
reach this audience.

Many people with vision
have been able
to discover books again for
the first time in years.

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